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Online workshops and seminars (relevant to the recent technologies)

The traditional techniques in the areas of medicine, business, and technology, or engineering have been the stalwart of the daily routine for many years. But times have changed—scientific breakthroughs, grant applications, and publications wait for no one—and there is now a host of new technologies that complement these traditional modalities. With the advent of automation and high-throughput technologies in various fields of science, workers such as researchers, therapists, or engineers no longer need to spend hours on the crucial phases of their work which have been associated with high level of risk via the previous traditional methods.

Our panelists who are dominant faculty members from all around the world will explain during the webinars about how applying the latest cutting-edge technologies for several orientations of medicine concerning to aesthetic, robotic surgery or nutraceutical topics. On the other hand, blockchain technology is one of the most prevalent issues in recent years, it has already changed people’s lifestyle in some area due to its great influence on many business or industry, and what it can do will continue to cause impact in many places. Our lecturers will talk about this issue during the webinars as well.