Welcome to H.B.C (Health Business Canada) Inc.


H.B.C (Health Business Canada) Inc. is a Canadian corporation, located in Vancouver, British Columbia with an expert team of business, biomedical and health professionals. Our team members have many years of experience in various parts of health business such as sales and after-sales services of medical devices. The team is capable of offering solutions and strategies for health businesses including; medical products and services, pharmaceutical, nutrition and supplement, biotech, e-health and particularly telemedicine systems as well as online education services in  Business and Technology, Art, Engineering and Health Science.


The Outcome of online services

Online Education and Training services



The Outcome of BPR

Business Process Reengineering


  • Export, global marketing, distribution and sales of medical products.
  • Sales and after-sales services of medical devices, laboratory instruments, and environmental and safety equipment.
  • Project management for equipping clinical centers and hospitals.
  • Financial planning for business development or market entry and brand establishment.
  • Remove the obstacles to global marketing of medical products such as an acquisition of required governmental licenses.
  • Provide competitive market research of the medical device industry, identifying medical market drivers & limiters, market forecasting, and market size valuation.

The Outcome Of IT Solutions

Information Technology Solutions


  • Design and implementation of telecommunication systems for the healthcare field such as telemedicine and Clinical Decision Support Systems. The application of telecommunication systems in e-business provides the business with the opportunity to reduce its operational costs.
  • Network infrastructure design. Proper design can offer many benefits such as security, accessibility, usability, speed, redundancy, and scalability. For example, the employees of the organization can have secure remote access to the company’s line-of-business applications.
  • Complete onsite and remote management via Information technologies. A Remote Management platform gives the firm lift-off, grow their business, make it more profitable, and attract more customers.
  • Email Infrastructure Management. Our clients can get the highest level of security, visibility, and control in managing mobile email through tight integration with the corporate email infrastructure. H.B.C can deploy Proxy and PowerShell configurations, as well as a unique configuration for Google Apps for Business.
  • Develop and build a new professional business website or improve the previous one.