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Online certificate, diploma or advanced graduate program


According to the advantages of the e-learning systems, educational and career paths are not limited to the on-campus classroom. As a result, H.B.C tries to connect clients to the appropriate certificate, diploma or undergraduate and graduate online programs which can be adapted to their desire, eligibility, and requirements. The offered credentials of the selected educational institutions via online mode in the fields of Business and Technology, Art, Engineering, and Health Science are:

The Certificate program is a relatively short but specialized training one that combines the applied theory and practical skills to work in a particular field. It can be completed one course (or more) at a time over a period of months or years. Students will be graduated with an Associate Certificate or Certificate credential.

Intense, longer programs of studies which prepare students for employment in technological, technical, paraprofessional and professional occupations. Studies combine applied theory and practical skills. Diplomas are usually (but not always) completed through full-time studies.

The advanced studies options are designed for the college, technical institute or university graduate. Highly specialized advanced training programs build on prior education and experience. These studies consist of specialized theoretical and practical training in a particular field.